Ahoy, Biscaya and Mandalay!


Swedish scouts are not only active on dry land but also on the water. Sea scouts, or sjöscouter as they are called in Swedish, spend a lot of their time in boats. But, being a swedish scout on dry land doesn’t necessarily keep you away from the ocean. Every swedish scout can experience sailing adventures, since the swedish scout organisation owns their very own sailing boat, Biscaya. The scouts in the Gothenbourg region also own a sailing boat that’s called Mandalay. Both of these boats are available for bookings.
Biscaya sails away from the swedish shore every summer, off to new adventures in other countries. Jacob Palm, now at Vilda in Kristianstad, was one of Biscaya’s sailors this summer.

– There was some great sailing but some of us were seasick, says Jacob Palm.

The journey went from Sweden to Poland, Lituania and then back to Sweden and Gotland.

– We were sailing both day and night! It was dark but really nice to sail at night. We saw the sunset and the stars, says Jacob.


Biscaya’s crew stayed one day in each harbour before they took off again. Jacob, who never sailed before this summer, says it was a different experience from what he is used to.

– You were taught new things every day, everything from using a compass to reading nautical charts, he says.

He’s not fully trained yet, but after this summers adventures Jacob can’t wait to set sail again.
Bild: Biscaya in English

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