From Igualada to Karups Nygård

Igualada till Karups Nygård

At Karups-Nygård, one of the Vilda 2014 camp sites, Catalan, Swiss and Swedish scouts are camping together by the beautiful lake Sövde. We are curious to hear what our international guests think of Sweden and their experiences of swedish scouting and Vilda.

Hello, where are you from?  

We are 26 Catalan scouts from Igualada near Barcelona in Catalonia. We are about 250 scouts in our group in Igualada.

How did you end up at Vilda?

In preparation for this summer, we were tasked to make four presentations about where we wanted to go and experience scouting. We then contacted our international organization and they found out where there would be national jamborees in Europe. Out of these options, we selected Sweden and Vilda 2014.

How have you experienced the camp so far based on the themes will, warmth and whirl?

The sense of warmth has definitely been expressed in the friendship and togetherness which we have experienced here, like when we sit in front of the camp-fire at night and sing songs or when we are working together in our groups. Today we also got to experience a sauna, which was very exciting as we didn’t know what to expect!

Will has been expressed in our willingness to learn new things. There has been many new challenges for us as we’ve never been lashing ropes or paddling a canoe before.

What are you looking forward to the most during the rest of your stay?

When we looked at the schedule the sauna and the night activity sounded the most exciting but we are also looking forward to the camp-fire, to meet and exchange experiences with the other scouts.

If you compare Catalonia and Sweden, what differences have you experienced?

The biggest difference is the organization of the camp – both in terms of building places to sleep and the focus on hygien. We always sleep in tents rather than build big wind-shelters. We pay attention to hygiene but we don’t chase our scouts with alco-gel before every meal… In Catalonia the scout leaders are much younger than many of those we have met in Sweden. The most common age is 20-25 but leaders in Sweden are often parents to scouts. We also have a few different traditions which we have not seen here, like waiting to eat until everyone has received their food and singing a song together to wish each other a good meal.

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