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Swedish National Jamboree 2014 Vilda

Would you and your unit like to experience international scouting and real camp life at its best?  Take the chance to visit the beautiful and varied landscape of Sweden while being a part of its great National Jamboree.

Challenge your unit by sharing a camp with Swedish scouts in the exciting wild life. Sweden is a country filled with deep forests, small unique villages and an astonishing nature.  Every participant has the chance to live, learn and grow close to one another. A possibility for every guide and scout to exchange, create and get memories and friends for a lifetime.

Does this appeal to you and your unit?  Please feel welcome to apply to “Vilda 2014”, the Swedish National Jamboree!


Vilda 2014 is a National Jamboree in Sweden. It is a multi camp where the Swedish units will create and put up smaller camps in different areas of Sweden during one week. Several units will share one camp, which means that both Swedish and international guides and scouts will live together. This is a chance to exchange experiences and knowledge with one another. It is also a chance to gain new friends while developing guiding and scouting across our boarders. We have been inspired by our Camp in Camp concept from the 22nd World Scout Jamboree in Sweden.


The National Jamboree will begin on the 3rd and continue to the 9th of August in the year of 2014. Every camp will share the same programme concept and participate in the same kind of activities of “Vilda 2014”.

Who may participate?

“Vilda 2014” is created by and for units. As an international guest and participant you may bring your unit where the youngest participant may be 8 years old.

If you want to go as an individual guide/scout please contact your International Commissioner to investigate the possibilities to be connected to a unit or a group in your country that is going.


The National Jamboree will take place all around the country of Sweden and on different camping areas. Swedish units have the possibility to choose in which area they want to set up their camp in the National Jamboree, and as an international unit you will have the opportunity to share one of these areas together with the Swedish scouts.


The price will differ depending on the camp since it is up to the Swedish units arranging to put the price. Different camping sites offer different resources, which affects the price. The price will probably not exceed 2 200 SEK. The travel cost is not included in the camping price.


If interested, please apply to Vilda by filling in the form that makes it possible for us to place you with some Swedish scout units at a camp. Your application must be signed by the International Commissioner of your National Guide or Scout Organisation.