Scouting in Sweden

Scouter på Pride

Sweden has a thriving and diverse scout movement. It started back in 1910, just three years after Baden-Powell founded scouting in the UK. The first organization consisted only of boys but a few years later a girl scout organization was founded. During the sixties boys and girls joinied together and formed one scout organization and nowadays most scout groups have scouts of all genders togheter.

Scouting in Sweden is a lot about companionship and friendship and in that spirit our many different scout organizations have come together to form The Scouts and Guides of Sweden – an organization for every swedish scout. In this group there are a few associations with different specialities and interests, some are religious, others are not and one has connections with the sobriety movement.

There is also a network called The Rainbow Scouts working for LGBTQ rights. The Rainbow Scouts have had a leading role in showing that the scouts are open to everyone.

Every year many swedish scouts are a proud part of the Pride parades across the country.

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