To all our international guests…

jacob skjorta

Hello to all international scouts and welcome to Vilda!

Vilda 2014 is like a regular swedish camp, but not really. All the participants are part of the same camp, but are spread over 12 campsites around Sweden. Vilda 2014 is all about the community of scouting, and bringing together the different scout groups of Sweden. Great, right?!


That’s why all of Vilda 2014 is joined together by one camp magazine. It is posted every day on this website and we try to cover as much of Vilda 2014 as possible. Do you have a photo to show or a story to tell the rest of Vilda 2014? Send an email to and you might just be a part of the next issue!


You can also post videos of your Vilda-adventures and use #vilda2014 to instagram and twitter and your posts will be seen by all scouts on the Vilda homepage.


Enjoy your time at Vilda!

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