Vilda, wild or what?

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By now you have probably heard it a lot, the name Vilda is all over the camp. It can roughly be translated into “Wild”, but what does it mean? To explain it, the camp has three key words; warmth, will and whirl – which does sound a lot better in swedish. These words are meant to show what we want Vilda to be. But it’s still not perfectly clear, is it? Let’s take a closer look at these key words!

Warmth is perhaps the easiest. It stands for the love that we share, for scouting, for nature and for each other. It stands for a burning passion for what you believe in and a burning fire to keep you warm at night.

Will is the power that is propelling us forward, keeping us working for what we believe in and creating change where we want it. Scouting and scout camps are built on the will and energy of dedicated people and that will is what keeps us going.

Whirl can be a bit harder to explain, because it is the crazy, unpredictabe part. The whirl wants to encourage surprises, chaos and trying new things, catching the day and getting the most out of an exiting experience!

With these words in mind we hope to create a wonderful camp for all participants, with a chance for you all to try new things, meet great friends and have a wonderful time in Sweden! What do you think about the words, what do they mean to you and your friends? Email us at and share thoughts, photos or videos with all other participants at Vilda 2014!

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